The war forever changed the life of Ukrainians. Time has shown that professions such as a master hairdresser or barber always remain relevant and in demand on thelabor market.

Today, everyone can learn to cut hair, but doing it in a cool and reliable company is much more pleasant than doing it on your own.

Think about it: every day you communicate with a huge number of people from completely different fields of activity. A year later, you will be recognized and greeted in bars and the subway, passers-by smile and nod at you on the street.

It is precisely such people that we invite not only just to work for us, but to be a part of the community of like-minded people. Here you not only cut and shave, but spend the most interesting part of your life, learning something new from senior colleagues every day.
If you want, this process can be called competitive, because your skill will constantly improve, and, letʼs face it, itʼs cool when a person changes the history of Ukraine with your fade. So, if all this resonates with you, we are waiting for an email on our email address.