If the drink is in the morning, then water with lemon and honey, after — coffee.

If the soundtrack of today, then Rebolledo – Black Rainbow Woman (The Black Frame Remix).

If a dish that does not like, then always paste.


If sneezes, then always three times.



Music is a language of feelings that can make one mood, «pump over», inspire, create an atmosphere. It just so happened that it was music that gave me my favorite profession.


When you work independently and «on your own», the education of initiative and self-discipline must be present without fail. You must understand that the result of any action is your responsibility. I do what I like, because I realize the

importance of each step. Once Confucius, later — Steve Jobs said that if you earn with your favorite thing, then you will not have to work a single day in your life. It’s true.


Sports and travel are simply necessary for me. For me, this is a real rest and a «reboot». In winter — a snowboard, in the summer — seas, and festivals. In general, do not underestimate nature, it has everything we need.



If we talk about personal strengths — discipline and determination. In addition, I look at the world quite soberly and understand what’s what. Over the years, I understand people better. To do this, just be careful and pragmatic.

Man is led by the desire to succeed.


I love Kyiv. Definitely not for the «good» roads and conceptual architecture. But then you can meet wonderful people and always find where to go.