Each of us is a person. With its own norms, habits and distinctive features. There is something key in each of us: the present, «programmed», by vocation. Something that drives our choice of professions, tastes, and behavior. Something that sets us apart. Someone at a healthy age radically changes this in themselves, someone emphasizes. It is important to find it.


Women spend long hours of their lives caring for themselves, choosing the right clothes, shoes, and lipstick color.

The way she treats herself mirrors the way her environment treats her. Why is it rare for men to work on their looks?


A man must find his own. A business that brings money and pleasure. An environment that is pleasant and helpful. A woman who inspires and motivates. And an image that emphasizes the external and does not interfere with the internal.






The basic things of a men’s wardrobe according to the KLYUCH team — a classic shirt, trousers, black golf, and classic shoes. There are things that must remain unchanged.

«When I’m in a shirt, trousers, and a vest, I feel as «at ease as possible. I can’t start a productive day without wearing an ironed shirt and styling that makes me comfortable. It disciplines and motivates to keep yourself in good shape throughout the day», — Nazar Burgart.

Any classics can be «modernized». Oxfords and brogues — with bright socks. Shirt — casual suspenders. Jumper — with jeans. Do not be limited. Find what suits you.

Of course, we agree that men have much less time to take care of themselves and choose the right wardrobe. The rhythm, schedule, meetings — all this leads to real, not imaginary, success only if you respect yourself. Your appearance is your status.


Haircut changes. Sometimes it brightens up the flaws, sometimes dramatically. A good master visualizes the result. Face shape, basic features, daily styling habits — what you need to consider when choosing. Chubby men, for example, should settle for short whiskeys and an elongated top.

So visually the face will look more proportional and stricter. Men with a triangular or heart-shaped form need voluminous styling, with an oval — haircuts with a small bang. This is the task of the master — to help find your haircut and styling. Just trust.

«For a man, a haircut is one of the main components of the overall look». It emphasizes his features and face shape, complements his character. It is always important to understand who exactly sits in the master’s chair because different people cannot have the same haircuts.

It’s like a perfume: on every body it sounds differently. You just need to find what is really yours», — master Denis Kostyushko.


ll our things are like a mirror. Reflect character, thoughts, mood. Someone wears several bracelets on one wrist, someone is not used to wearing even a watch.

Someone collects perfumes, someone wears one fragrance for several years. Someone is used to carrying money in a small wallet, for someone, a good prestigious purse is important.

«Another important attribute of the men’s arsenal and the component look is a watch. A girl gave me my watch. She knew that I did not like the big ones and the piled up ones, therefore I had concise and restrained ones.

For a man, it seems to me that this is a basic attribute, they should be. But comfort is the main thing», — KLYUCH master Yaroslav Vinogradov.

KLYUCH. is a space where a man will be helped to find his look: from haircuts to aroma. The basic set of services – in one single place. We do not cultivate authenticity; we cultivate personality.