People are the key.
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He loves Kyiv for events, the work — for people, women — for the inspiration. Real rest is reading a book in the bathroom, a sight for sore eyes — playing roles in the movies, the passion is the hairdressing and everything attached to it. Work is life.

If coffee is with milk and sugar, if you wake up in the morning – then with a dozen alarms, if nature is mountains and forest.

Once I just packed my things, left everything in my native Frankivsk and moved to Kiev. A little money in my pocket, a few T-shirts in my backpack and a lot of enthusiasm. I was solving all the issues everything on the go. I was sure that the hairdressing is my vocation, and that my future is in Kyiv. And it happened. After working for more than two years in a large men’s hairdresser chain, I realized that I was ready for my own space. But this, of course, is a separate story.

The work is everything for me. I cut the hair almost every day from morning till late evening. I’m getting tired, of course, I’m human. But it is difficult without this. Even if you start your own business, you can’t relax and stop. You must be an example for people who remain in the team. That’s why I work so much. Plus — men who have long been my clients. Their trust, it can’t be broken.

People are the key. Those who surround you at work. Those who understand you without words. Those who support any ideas and are always ready to help to realize them. Those who think like you. Everything depends on people, even the inner self-awareness.

Sometimes I just need to be alone. It turns out to be done not as often as I would like, but I appreciate these rare cases very much. I turn off the phone, take a bottle of wine, turn on something either very deep or empty and funny. Resting. Switching. Thinking. Drawing conclusions. Analyzing. It seems to me, it is necessary for any person. For man — especially.

Unexplained actions are inherent for creative people, are not they? Once I went to the store and just bought an easel. I’m not an artist, I have never even tried to draw. But I bought an easel and I am sure that someday I will draw a masterpiece. The main thing is confidence in oneself. I’m sure. 

The true masculine quality is aggressiveness. It’s inherent not for everyone but is embedded inside. It is some kind of inner power that moves and guides you. I’m talking about sensible, of course, aggressiveness. The inner 

core that pushes decisions, takes responsibility, expresses your own point of view absolutely always if it is appropriate. Sometimes it comes with age and experience, in someone it is inherent in upbringing and genes since childhood. I am confident and diligent towards this.

Sometimes I play the roles in movies. Narratively, but it’s important for me. Everyone has some kind of a sight for sore eyes. Something that redirects the energy from work. It always gives the additional emotions and thoughts.

Difficult periods of life happen to everyone. If, of course, a person lives and does something, without sitting idle for years. And these ones always try to absorb with the head and «paste» you into small pieces. From personal 

experience I can say one thing — the most important thing is people around you and a clear understanding of your actions. Just make a stop, look around, think about your own mistakes and misfires. Draw conclusions. Take yourself in hand and act further. There is no success or even human happiness without failures and disasters before them.

Kyiv is like a race. You always need to be collected and attentive here, otherwise, it will knock you off  🙂

I love it for people who have become close to me. For places that are pleasant to go on weekends. Kiev never sleeps or stops. Such one, probably, should be a successful person also.