I get tremendous energy from the thankfulness of people and from their smile. Let’s smile more often 🙂
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Denis is the master of KLYUCH. He lived in the Czech Republic for a long time, sought to build a sports career and go into big football. But the case carried away haircuts. So it became a 

matter of life. If the book with a wow-effect, it’s definitely Vadim Zeland’s «Transfusion of Reality». If the recipe for inner freedom is to stop inventing a framework for yourself.


I started to сut and shave on December 19, 2017. I remember this day well and I am very grateful to myself for this decision. A few months before, a friend brought me to the barbershop. Then this area was only developing in Ukraine. The interior, the style of the craftsmen, the atmosphere — everything was very impressive, I sat in the chair and immediately realized that I would be satisfied. The master inspired confidence. Well, as for the student, the price also inspired confidence.

I watched the work of the master, the techniques and tools — became interested, after a while, I went to study. I was working as a waiter and bought my first typewriter for the entire salary. Now resold it to Nazar. But it is legendary for me. It amuses that it is always somewhere nearby.


I try not to talk with the client about work and politics. The topic of work often at the energy level causes negative emotions, but in the chair it is superfluous, it can be displayed on the final result. Politics causes controversial opinions, this also does not lead to anything good. But to discuss hobbies, travels, recent successes — this always charges us both in a good mood.

Haircut trends are gradually changing. If a few years ago fades were very popular among the men, now there are more elongated and unusual shapes. The only thing that does not change, but only takes root in men, is the desire to take care of themselves. If you wear a beard, look after her. Timely haircuts, care oils, combing — this is no longer kitsch, it’s a habit.


The morning of the working day begins with public transport and always wash your hair at work. I didn’t notice how this simple habit became my ritual. KLYUCH is like a house, I feel comfortable so.

I have a phobia of lack of purpose. Perhaps this is parenting. When I burn out in something, lose my motivation to continue or the excitement to learn new things, I simply switch to another niche. It may even be a book of a genre quite unusual for me or a new place in Kyiv. I believe that a person should 

have a balance between affairs, you can’t be narrowly focused and mono-tasking. Setting new goals for yourself is what drives us.

Success, in my understanding, is expressed in the effective implementation of complex tasks. Discipline leads to this man. It’s easy to educate yourself, you just need to learn how to set goals correctly and clearly and constantly move forward.


I consider myself a happy person. I’m doing what I want to do. I am where I want to be. Surrounded by those with whom I enjoy spending time. At work — properly built relationship. For me, happiness is measured by comfort and a certain degree of satisfaction with my life. And this is one of the factors of freedom.

I have heard opinions that freedom is the absence of a framework in the context of the state or financial condition. Once I thought a lot about the concept of happiness and freedom, I came to the identity of these concepts. 

It is impossible to be happy in the absence of inner freedom. It is also impossible to feel freedom without a sense of happiness. And the framework is invented.